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Body Benefits Hand Cleanproducts with antibacterial action provide a clean feeling and help to protect against bacterias. It is an ideal and practical way in providing a good hygiene. Body Benefits Hand Cleangel with antibacterial action cleans your hands without using soap, water or towel. Body Benefits Hand Cleangel is easy to use, everywhere and at any time you need. Body Benefits Hand Cleanspray with antibacterial action is specially made for a more easier use and quick drying of the hands.


Because no water and towel are needed, ideal for on the road but also at school, after playing, and before dining hours. Take care of a good cleaning of objects like keyboards, (stair) handrails, door latches for a extra good hygiene.


Product Range


New Body Benefits Antibacterial Hand Cleanproducts

* Minimum order size 5.000 PCE, label variations possible on request.

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Body Benefits Hand Clean Gel 100ml
Body Benefits Hand Clean Gel 500ml
Body Benefits Hand Clean Hand Spray 75ml





Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be any rest product after using the products?
- No, the products will evaporate almost immediately after usage. Your hands will be dry within a few seconds, but the product will not dry out your skin.
How many times do I need to use the product?
- We advice using the product 7 times a day for an optimal clean feeling
Is there a limit to the usage of the product?
- No, the product can be used as much as you find necessary.
How much time will it take for the product to be effective?
- Your hands feel clean directly while using the product and tests have shown that within 30 seconds our products help to brake the grow of the bacteria´s.
Will these products protect me from the new Influenza A(H1N1)?
- The new Influenza A (H1N1), ie swine flu or Mexican flu has become a pandemonium. There are several measures you can take to prevent getting infected One of these measurements is a good hygiene. Our Body Benefits Hand Cleanproducts can help you for that matter.


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